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Tavastia Armigeri is a buhurt club located in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Tavastia Armigeri was founded in 2017, only 6 members at the start and now the club is one of the biggest clubs in Finland. Tavastia Armigeri’s purpose is to offer buhurt training and competition possibilities, and make the sport known in the Hämeenlinna area. Tavastia Armigeri works under Medieval Combat Sport Finland. 


Medieval Combat Sport, or so called buhurt, is a martial art sport with full contact. Fighters are wearing armours and using blunt swords, axes, and other weapons. There are single categories and also mass battles which are called buhurts. There are combat rules that vary from a category to another. Buhurt came to Finland from Russia in 2013 and since then new members have joined the sport. Nowadays every fifth buhurtist in Finland is a woman. 


There are two international head organizations: HMBIA Historical Medieval Battle International Association and IMCF International Medieval Combat Federation. Both have their own championships and these events are considered as the world championship tournaments. 


In Tavastia Armigeri we have lots of fighters with different interests. Some of us just want to train and have a good time with medieval combat sport, and some of us want to compete and develop in buhurt as much as possible. Tavastia Armigeri trains two times a week in our training place at Hämeenlinna, Ratasniitty. In our trainings we focus on techniques and sparring with and without armour. Muscle and fitness training is also an important part of our practice routines. Our men and women train together. In addition to adults’ buhurt training, Tavastia Armigeri offers HMB Soft training for juniors from 9 to 17 year old. 


Buhurt is very easy hobby to start, all you need is an open mind and will to learn. At first you can borrow armour and weapons, so you don’t need to buy everything at the start. When you are a beginner trying our sport at Tavastia Armigeri training you are always health insured. We welcome all new beginners to our weekly trainings in Hämeenlinna. Also all our international friends are more than welcome to join our training! Contact us at


We have an active mens’ team which participates in lots of tournaments in Finland and abroad. Armigeri women are part of a Finnish women buhurt team Kivuttaret. Kivuttaret trains hard to be best of the best. In addition to buhurt teams we have single fighters to fencing and profight categories. Our men and women have been part of the Finnish national teams for several years. Tavastia Armigeri members have been in the national team bringing home mens’ 5vs5 IMCF bronze 2019, womens’ 3vs3 IMCF bronze 2017 and 2018, 3vs3 IMCF gold 2019 and 5vs5 BOTN silver 2019!


In addition to all training and competitions in the sport Tavastia Armigeri provides different tournaments and fight nights to medieval festivals, night clubs and other events. We also offer bachelor party and personnel wellbeing activities. Contact us and let’s talk about what kind of event we can book together!